About Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing

Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing was set up by Charnwood Borough Council as an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) on 30 November 2007 to manage, maintain and improve its 5,945 tenanted and 266 leasehold properties.

Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing Limited is entirely owned by Charnwood Borough Council and does not trade for profit. It has full freedom and independence to make operational decisions on the management of the Council’s housing stock. The Company employs around 140 people.

The Company is managed by a Board of voluntary, non-executive Directors, which is made up of four tenant representatives, four Council nominees, and five appointed independent representatives from the business community. The day to day running of the Company is delegated to an Executive Team headed by a Chief Executive. Membership of the Executive Team includes the Chief Executive, Assistant Director of Housing, Assistant Director of Corporate Services and the Assistant Director of Finance and Performance.

Charnwood Borough Council continues to own the housing stock. Tenants retain their secure tenancy, and pay their rent to the Council. The Council, in consultation with Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing, sets the rents for its properties.