Anti-social behaviour and hate incidents

Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing takes anti-social behaviour seriously.

Hate incidents and nuisance or threatening behaviour can be a distressing and damaging experience and we are determined to ensure that residents are given maximum support and perpetrators are dealt with effectively.

Anti social behaviour can be reported to Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We do not tolerate physical or verbal abuse against staff or residents.

The links below provide information about how you can report anti-social behaviour and hate incidents and what you can expect once you have reported it to us.

The 3 Rs

Our approach to anti-social behaviour as managing agent is best summed up as the three ‘R’s – Rights, Responsibilities and Respect.

‘Rights’ – we acknowledge that all our residents have the right to live in decent, warm, safe homes in decent, clean, safe neighborhoods, free from fear of nuisance, harassment and crime.

‘Responsibilities’ – our residents also have responsibilities to ensure that they and their families, friends, visitors and animals behave appropriately, both within their own homes and in the vicinity. We acknowledge that in the case of those who may have less ability to honour their responsibilities because of health, age or other vulnerability, we seek to work with our partners in the support services to help them to meet their responsibilities.

‘Respect’ – we also expect our residents to respect their homes, their partners, their neighbourhood and all other people, regardless of their gender including transgender, race, nationality, religion/belief colour, ethnic origin, culture, age, sexual orientation, perceived or real illness or disability, or other bias.