Applying for Housing

The Housing Needs section within Charnwood Borough Council, manages the housing register as part of a full housing advice service. As well as providing advice and assistance on your current housing circumstances they can assist you with applying for social housing, webuyanyhouse tips and low cost home ownership.

Through the Housing Register the Council assesses the housing needs of applicants and is then able to allocate to Council Owned properties managed by Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing as well as nominate to a number of housing associations with homes across the borough.

Whilst assessing your application, Housing Officers will identify any other advice or services that may be able to assist you with your housing situation and make you aware of these.

If you are homeless the Housing Needs section may also be able to assist you in finding temporary accommodation.

Independent Living

Would you like:

If the answer is yes and you are over 60 years old, then why not consider one of our 15 sheltered schemes around the borough.

If you are over 50 but not quite ready for scheme living, there are also flats in the borough specifically designated for the over 50’s.

We also have an assisted transfer scheme whereby we offer a financial incentive – up to £2,000 for tenants who transfer from family accommodation to smaller, more manageable or suitable accommodation.