Equality and Diversity

What is equality and diversity?

We recognise that people are different. Our equality and diversity policy means that whether you are a member of staff, a customer or a board member you can expect to be respected and valued.

We always try to understand various needs and points of view because this adds value to the work we do.

Equality and Diversity ( E & D for short) is about giving people who have different needs or skill levels, or different physical and mental abilities the same opportunities that people without these needs have.

What does equality and diversity mean to CNH?

Equality and diversity is all about making sure everyone is treated fairly in terms of accessing services or jobs in the organisation. We have developed an Equality and Diversity Policy which sets out our standards and objectives.

We recognise that people’s needs and abilities are not the same and that these differences, whether because of gender, age, race, religion, colour, beliefs, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or disability, need to be considered when we provide services.

CNH will ensure its customers, employees and stakeholders receive equal and fair treatment. Services and employment practices will be free from any discrimination – direct or indirect – towards any community of interest (race, ethnic origin, disability, nationality, gender, sexuality, age, class, appearance, religion, responsibility for dependents, unrelated criminal activities, being HIV positive or with AIDS or any matter which causes a person to be treated with injustice).

Why is equality and diversity important?

As a housing provider, at CNH we need to make sure that we do not have a bias for or against any group or person. We believe that by understanding differences and encouraging others to do the same, we can make better communities for our customers to live in and work in.

Who is responsible for equality and diversity?

Everyone who works for CNH has a responsibility to make sure that people are treated fairly. We are committed to responding positively to customers’ different needs – and this commitment starts from the top down to our champions and other employees who are working out in the community.

Our Board and staff are given training on equality and diversity and we report regularly on our progress. We have a champion for equality and diversity on our Board.

CNH’s equality and diversity strategy

CNH has developed an equality and diversity strategy. This strategy provides the framework to support active leadership to embed equality and diversity into all areas of our work and enable everyone involved to know what their responsibility is in chieving equality and celebrating diversity.

This strategy recognises that all seven equality strands are equally important. However, there is flexibility to respond to changes in the external environment and focus resources where they are most needed at any given time.

An action plan has been developed to enable CNH to be innovative and positive in its approach to equality and diversity but also to ensure we meet best practice, our legislative and regulatory duties and ensure continuous improvement. CNH’s Board will monitor delivery of the strategy through regular updates.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly . . .

We treat any breach of this policy very seriously, whether it is from one of our employees, a partner working on our behalf or a member of a tenant and resident group.

You should let us know if you feel you have been treated unfairly or have suffered discrimination, prejudice or harassment because of your gender, age, race, religion, colour, beliefs, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical characteristics or disability. You can do this by contacting us on 01509 634666, emailing us at info@cnh.org.uk or contacting your housing officer.

How do we promote equality and diversity?