Getting Involved

Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing wants to work with you so that we can understand the housing issues that are important to you and your community.

Customer engagement gives you the opportunity to influence the services that you receive from us and gives you the chance to make a real difference to you neighbourhood.

Our Customer Engagement Strategy 2011-14 sets out how we will work in partnership with customers to ensure they are fully involved in scrutinising, reviewing, monitoring, influencing and directing service delivery. By delivering this strategy we will contribute to delivering our company strategic aim of “Improving and developing tenant engagement and involvement in services”.

People get involved for many reasons

Perhaps you want to tackle problems in your neighbourhood like vandalism or a lack of play facilities.

You may be concerned about your home or the service we provide and have ideas for improvements.

You might want to meet neighbours through social activities. Or you could go further; some tenants even help to manage the organisation by joining our Board. Others prefer to limit their involvement to filling in satisfaction surveys.

How to Get Involved

Tenants who become involved should not suffer any financial loss so CNH will reimburse out of pocket expenses, such as bus fares or child care.

We also want to ensure that all our tenants can have equal opportunities to be involved and will offer assistance to help meet the diverse needs of our tenants. This could be by supplying a translator for meetings or offering assistance with transport for tenants with disabilities.

Becoming involved increases opportunities to participating in other groups and with other forums, both locally and nationally.