You Said, We Did!

Customer Journey Mapping

In February 2012 customers, front line staff, Board members and Councillors spent a day at a special workshop looking at the process for reporting and receiving a repair.

Those attending the event took a detailed look at the ‘journey’ a customer takes from the time they report the repair until the repair is complete. They talked about what works, what doesn’t, and what needs improving. The benefit of this type of process is that it is much more personal to each individual and gives them the opportunity to record their emotional experiences, in their own words and without bias.

A report was subsequently drawn up which identified areas for possible improvement, and an action plan was agreed for those issues that could be addressed. You can download the reports and action plan below. We will continually re-visit the action plan and update our progress.

This was the first of many areas we intend to map with customers. Areas of the business we will be mapping in 2012 are capital works, gas and customer complaints.

The feedback which you provide on our services, whether it be a comment, compliment or complaint, or though another engagement method is invaluable to us. CNH is committed to using the lessons that come from service failures to improve our services and focus on the needs of our customers.

Learning from your feedback

We will not always get it right and we need you to tell us where things go wrong so that we can improve for the future. When you make a complaint, comment or a compliment, we want to learn from that experience.

Here are some of the ways that we have improved our services by listening to you.


Our housing officers were too general and were not focusing on specialist areas such as anti-social behaviour


We have split the Housing Management service into two teams, one which deals with Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and one which deals with Tenancy & Estate Management. We believe that this will ensure that responding officers provide a more specialist response to customer needs, providing improved service delivery.


Our repairs operatives are not consistent in the way they treat customers when they go into their homes. They are not always respectful.


We have introduced a Customer Service Guide and training by csm - maintenance company for our repairs operatives for when they attend customers’ homes. We will monitor this through the feedback you give us on satisfaction surveys and through spot checking.


We don’t always communicate well with you when you have requested a repair. Often you have to chase us to find out progress.


We are undertaking some workshops with customer volunteers between February and June where we will look at the process from start to finish and identify where our service or communications falls down. We will then put in measures to improve the process.